Tehrik-e-Jadid & Waqf-e-Jadid

It is a tradition while announcing the new year of Tehrik-e-Jadid and Waqf-e-Jadid, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih reminds us of the great responsibilities we all have regarding these blessed schemes. Our responsibilities include raising the banner of Hazrat Mohammad (saw) by conveying the message of Islam and Ahmadiyyat to the corners of the world and introducing the whole of humanity to One True God.

To fulfil this responsibility we need the translations of the Holy Quran in various languages of the world, we need books, we need mission houses and we need missionaries. To achieve this, funds are required. It is Tehrik-e-Jadid, which provides funds for this purpose. Tehrik-e-Jadid funds are to establish the kingdom of the Holy Prophet (saw) on earth and to save the spiritually hungry souls. Building of mosques is also the object of Tehrik-e-Jadid. As a result, when people enter the fold of Islam and Ahmadiyya, they need tarbiyyat and they need to learn the teachings of Islam. This mission requires teachers and other resources. Waqf-e-Jadid provides funds to fulfil these requirements. Waqf-e-Jadid is also a source of tarbiyyat for our new generation. We should provide our full support to this noble cause.

Secretary Tehrik-e-Jadid & Waqf-e-Jadid


“And spend for the cause of Allah, and cast not yourselves into ruin with your own hands, and do good; surely, Allah loves those who do good”.

(Holy Quran 2:196)


“Who is he who will lend to Allah a good loan? So He will increase it manifold for him, and he will have a generous reward”.

(Holy Quran, 57:12)


The Holy prophet(saw) said

“Whoever spends anything in the cause of Allah, is rewarded seven hundred times more”.

(Tirmidhi Babul Fadlul Nafqatu Fi Sabilillah-taken from An Introduction to FINANCIAL SACRIFICE p5 )


110.  It shall be the responsibility of Secretary Tahrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid to give wide publicity to the aims and objectives of Tahrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid amongst Lajna members.

111. It shall be the duty of Secretary Tahrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid to enrol maximum number of Ahmadi ladies as contributors to these two schemes viz. Tahrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid. She shall exhort Ahmadi ladies to make maximum financial sacrifices towards both the schemes.

112. Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih IV (ra) had kindly assigned the responsibility of Daftar III Tahrike Jadid to Lajna Imaillah. Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih IV (ra), when entrusting the responsibility of Dafter III to Lajna Imaillah, he stated on 5 November 1982: “I entrust this work to Lajna. The experience of Lajna’s work is that whatever task they give their attention to, they try their best to put the men to shame and leave them behind and sometimes they succeed in this.”


Tehrik-e-Jadid is one of the monetary schemes initiated in 1934, by Hazrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) with the main objective of spreading the message of Islam outside India.

The believers have always been encouraged by the Prophets and their successors to make financial contributions for the purpose of spreading the message of God . During Khilafat-e-Rashida (the Rightly Guided Khilafat) many schemes of monetary donations were followed.


Waqf-e-Jadid scheme was announced on 27th December 1957 by Hazrat Khalifa-tul-MasihII(ra). The financial year of this Chanda commences on 1st January and ends on 31st December every year. There is no prescribed rate for W aqf-e-Jadid as well, but one should cotribute according to one’s financial means.