An Nusrat


The Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) says,

“that Islam is being attacked that this why it is necessary that pen should be used to rebut the attack . . . think of the preparation that the opponents of Islam are now making. They are not lining up the armies. They are publishing magazines and books. We also should, therefore, pick up our pens and answer their attacks with magazines and books”.

(Malfoozat Vol 8, Pg.20)

An Nusrat Lajna magazine is a platform which provides an opportunity for Ahmadi women to serve the community through their intellect and writing skills. It is a quarterly magazine published and distributed by Lajna Imaillah UK. It’s readership and influence continue to grow year after year, Alhamdulilah. The publication is designed, written and compiled by Ahmadi women, for Ahmadi women. The magazine seeks to educate and inform lajna all over the UK on spiritual discourse and contemporary issues. To this purpose the publication provides a wealth of material that facilitates readers’ spiritual development, the broadening of their spiritual knowledge and their awareness of Islamic responses to contemporary social issues.


The permanent features of the magazine include verses from the Holy Quran, Hadith, sayings of The Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) and the pearls of wisdom by Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih (may Allah be his helper) which highlight the expectations of Ahmadi women in the context of today. Our articles also include insightful editorial content from Lajna, a vast array of useful information such as health tips, easy recipes,  poetry, current technology trends and much more. Special issues commemorating specific events and occasions are also regularly published.

Work with us

The magazine strictly adheres to a high standard of referencing and academic guidelines. We are developing a team of prolific writers and researchers (Urdu and English) living across the UK. We encourage them to come forward and make their contribution to the magazine. Articles can be directly submitted by the writers to the Ishaa’t department via email on

An-Nusrat 2019-2020 – Issue 1

An-Nusrat 2019-2020 – Issue 1

The world has come to a standstill and we have realised in our hearts how truly insignificant and powerless we are without the mercy of Allah. This edition of An Nusrat is based on the theme of “Love”. Click to read more.