“There should be “no discrepancy between one’s words and deeds” …we should “continually analyze ourselves.”
(Friday Sermon, 06/04/04)”.


Secretary Isha'at

Mrs Lubna Sohail

Book Store

Dear All,
Lajna Book store is an easy access for all lajna members to order books for their local Jama’ats or for their personal use.
It’s a great way of keeping your library updated.
Ordering with Lajna Isha’at is easy 3 step process
1- Check the current book list
2- Fill in pre-order form.
3- Send to In-charge book store.
Please note that time period of 7-10 days is required to process your order.

Remember to pay when you come & collect your order. Invoice will be sent to you beforehand according to availability of stock.

For any queries or price information please contact / 07854919181


MTA International is the television wing of our Ahmadiyya jama’at. Centrally it is managed with both quality and content. Alongside MTA International, its various studios around the world contribute to the programmes broadcast on this channel.
MTA has been established in most countries such as MTA Germany, MTA France, Africa, USA etc…
Therefore MTA UK is the desk that has been established in this country and we all come under the umbrella of MTA International. The differences between us and other countries is that we are based in the same country as MTA International, and in many ways we have more advantages due to being based right under the physical guidance of Khilafat. This should motivate and inspire us to want to try our every best to serve the Jama’at as much as possible.
The Lajna MTA UK team also has a part in making appropriate and interesting programmes for our international channel. We are open to different ideas for programmes, as long as they are appropriate and approval can be received for them; we are able to make all sorts of programmes. If anyone is interested with ideas, or has skills that can be of benefit for MTA UK then please email to with your information.