The purpose of the National Tajneed Team is to maintain and update the information management system known as AIMS for the female Ahmadi population residing in the UK.

It is essential that every female member of the Jamaat always has their AIMS card present on them at all times on Jamaat events. This speeds up the registration process and ensures accurate attendance.

The AIMS card must have a photo if you are above 7 years, and families should be active in registering their new-borns as soon as possible – this is also very important for Chanda purposes.

Secretary Tajneed


104. It shall be the responsibility of Secretary Tajnid that she should obtain from  all Majalis a list of names and other particulars of all members and maintain its record on the forms provided for this purpose. 

105. Secretary Tajnid shall prepare a report every year about the total numbers of members. She will also point out the increase or decrease in their number in each Majlis.

106. Secretary Tajnid shall prepare a report every year about the number of Nasiratul Ahmadiyya who have joined Lajna Imaillah.

Office Timing

The Lajna AIMS office timing is 1-2 pm.

Duty at Lajna Events

The Tajneed team is responsible for doing registration duty at all Lajna events that take place throughout the year. For example: Jalsa Salana UK, National Ijtema, Refresher course, Meena Bazaar, Sports day, National Waqfate Nau Ijtema, Peace Symposiums, Eid headcount duty.

The main 3 events for us during the year are: Jalsa Salana UK, National Ijtema, and Refresher Course.

Jalsa Salana UK

Every Year, Alhamdolillah, the Jalsa Registration team starts duty 2-3 weeks before Jalsa. We aim to make cards for all guests that attend, as well as UK residents who need them.

National Ijtema

The Tajneed team takes part in registration duty every year on National Ijtema and Majlis-e-Shura. We welcome Lajna and Nasirat from all over the UK, to come and spend three2-3 days together in this spiritually enhancing event and chance to meet with so many new sisters from across the country.

We encourage everyone to bring their AIMS cards with them, which shows a sense of responsibility, and significantly speeds up the Registration process; and will minimise long queues.

We also undergo a headcount process which is done as accurately as possible. The live figures are collated along with registered figures and presented to Huzur e Anwar, to show the total attendance for the event.

Refresher Course

Every year we hold a workshop in which we introduce the National team to the local secretaries. We include basic information about the role of a secretary for the newly joined. The secretaries are told about all the Tajneed procedures, throughout the year including Jalsa Salana, in detail. We run through the report form and FAQ’s to ensure there is no confusion, and any individual scenarios that they may present.

Each region has been assigned a representative. They are responsible for answering any queries that the Presidents or Tajneed Secretaries may have regarding the report or any other Tajneed related issues. Contact numbers and updated representative lists are given out on Refresher Course. (Please contact your Sadr if you do not have their contact details).

Jalsa Salana

The department is responsible for producing guest entry cards at Jalsa Salana UK for UK residents as well as International guests. These are made at the department’s office 2-3 weeks before the annual Jalsa Salana.

Procedure for Overseas guests:

All overseas guests MUST bring an ‘Invitation Letter’ assigned by the Amir Jamaat National Amir Jamaat, in order to have a guest card made for entering Jalsa Salana. A form of photo ID must also be provided.

Some countries who have introduced photo ID cards are able to use them at Jalsa Salana UK, and will not need an invitation letter. These countries may vary every year, therefore, please check with your Jamaat beforehand.

We DO NOT accept guest cards from previous years, and will not accept them as a form of ID to make the new card, if you do not have an invitation letter.

Getting Involved

We are always looking for new people to join our team, who are interested in being part of the team, and part of the fun duties we do all year. We look for dedicated Lajna members, and would like local Tajneed secretaries to come forward and help in their department at the bigger scale, Insha’Allah.