The aim of the Ziafat department is to provide food and refreshments for Lajna Ima’illah events which take place throughout the year. Our national Ziafat team works hard to prepare for these events to ensure we are able to meet every individual’s needs, and provide a good service.


” Eat and drink but exceed not the bounds”.

(Holy Quran CH 7:Verse 32)


Secretary Ziafat


107. Secretary Diyafat shall be responsible for maintaining accurate and complete record of the expenses of Diyafat.

   (a) Account of daily expenses

   (b) Account of expenses for functions and events.

108. It shall be the responsibilities of Secretary Diyafat to arrange catering for functions which are held under Lajna Ima’illah Mulk.

109. It is the duty of Secretary Diyafat to maintain a complete record of all material held under her department and to check this from time to time.


From the past few years the aim of the Ziafat department has been to ensure:

  • Lajna Ima’illah members and children understand the etiquettes of eating and to keep food wastage at a minimum whether on jamaat events or in they’re day to day lives.
  • To provide Lajna with table manner settings and high tea settings so that our young girls are able to learn the basics of hosting dinners/events. We have sent out videos as ideas to all Lajna members so they can be inspired and try them out in there own homes.
  • To promote the importance of cleanliness. We urge our Ziafat secretaries to encourage local jamaat members to promote cleanliness in there homes so that their children can also learn the importance of cleanliness. When cleanliness begins from home, it helps with jamaat events that take place at a local level and then also at a larger scale such as Jalsa and Ijtema.
Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is often called ‘the most important meal of the day’, and for good reason. As the name suggests, breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period.

Hygiene in Islam

Hygiene in Islam

When Muslims practice Islamic hygiene in the correct manner, they benefit in two ways: their outward purity helps them achieve inner purity, and the whole society benefits because many health hazards can be avoided.