Lord bestow on me increase of Knowledge”.

(Holy Quran 20:115)

Secretary Taleem

Mrs Rubina Nasser

Our Objective

We shall strive together to enhance our knowledge and spread the knowledge attained, to others.



86. It shall be the duty of secretary Talim to take every possible measure to spread religious and secular education among Lajna.

87. Secretary Talim shall prepare programme for the education of illiterate women and children in the Jama’at so that each woman and child can read and write.  Secretary Talim shall also give reminders on the importance of education boys.

88.  Secretary Talim shall draw the attention of Majlis towards the following:

   i – Teaching of reading of the Holy Qur’an

   ii – Teaching of translation of the Holy Qur’an

   iii – Memorisation of Salat along with its translation.

   iv – Reading of books written by Hazrat Masih Maudas

89.  Secretary Talim shall be responsible for making arrangements for preparing and conducting examinations of Ahmadi ladies according to the syllabus prescribed by Lajna Ima’illah.

Taleem Updates

Taleem Urdu Lesson Plan February 2021

Taleem Urdu Lesson Plan February 2021

To understand the Hadith number 37 “Leave Behind Your Heirs In Comfortable Condition”, the portions of Malfoozat and the key points on ‘The Need for the Imam’ written by the Promised Messiah(AS).


New: Taleem Lesson Plans

In order to make the Taleem syllabus more accessible and easy, we will be posting a lesson plan each month on the Taleem page. This lesson plan could be used either at the meetings or by individuals for personal study. This is designed to focus on learning objectives and help to cover the syllabus. We will also be posting on the website, slides on “The Lecture Sialkot”. There will also be quizzes for you to use either in your class or individually. These will help you in your understanding of the book which is part of this year’s syllabus.

Lesson Plans

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