Self Improvement Plan

Assalaamo Alaikum,

I am pleased to launch the self-improvement campaign which aims to enable members to seek ways in which they continuously improve. The resources to be found on this page is to support members to create good habits as part of day-to-day life centred around salat times. The focus on good habits enables individuals to reflect and consider areas for improvement.

We have seen that the message of self-purification attaining nearness to Allah was the mission of all of Allah’s Prophets, a message which was perfected by Prophet Mohammed (SAW), and then re-enforced by The Promised Messiah (as) and continued by the blessed institution of Khilafat. This institution and goal, carrying the mantle of responsibility is not the responsibility of an ordinary community or of an ordinary people. You, my sisters, are special, and have been vouchsafed with a very special role. This role and responsibility given to you by Allah, is indeed the biggest impact of the message of the Promised Messiah (as), that you will witness, not only in your own personal lives, but, on the whole world.

Our obligation must be to achieve purification with the ultimate aim of achieving nearness to Allah.  This means having a high sense of self awareness and correcting behaviours in ourselves and heeding to guidance received from our beloved Khalifa, May Allah be his Helper.  

Lajna Imaillah UK events provides the opportunity for members to share ideas and examples of steps they have taken to improve.  Huzoor (may Allah be his helper) when referring to Ijtema’s said 

“These gatherings provide an atmosphere that promotes discussion and identification of ways and means of self-improvement. Any society, whose young girls and ladies gather in one place with the intention of spending their time in a purely spiritual atmosphere and engage in activities for self -improvement, the future generations of that society are safeguarded, also it does not suffer from a decline”. 

Huzoor (aba) said, “Examine yourselves and determine whether your actions match your claims. You must assess yourselves. Always keep in mind the purpose for which mankind has been created. Your goal should be to win the pleasure of God. You must set yourselves higher goals that you have to achieve. Determine lofty standards to which you have to march. When you have lofty standards in your sights, you will make the extra effort to reach them”. 

Lajna Imaillah Ijtema UK, 19 November 2006

UK Lajna Ijtema 2006 (


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