Mother’s Hub

An interactive hub for Mothers to find & share information for the spiritual & moral upbringing of under 7s. Share, learn & be inspired.

Lajna UK Mother’s Hub


Lajna Ima’illah UK launches Mother’s Hub. Join our interactive community designed for mothers to support the spiritual and moral upbringing of their under 7s.

Self Improvement Plan

The Tarbiyyat Department present resources to support members to create good habits as part of day-to-day life centred around salat times.

Lockdown with Kids


Due to the recent circumstances, we are having to adjust our lifestyle and spend more time in our homes. Come and follow Alisha and Salmaan to see how a typical day in lockdown is spent by them.

Salat Ashra

Salat Ashra

“Offer Prayers with commitment to regularity. Some people offer only one of the daily prayers. They should remember that there is no exemption from prayers”. (Malfuzat Vol. 1 page 172)

Parenting Programme

Parenting Programme

Welcome to the parenting programme launched by the Lajna Tarbiyyat department, aimed at supporting parents to understand and address contemporary parenting issues with their children. This programme focuses on four key areas including Social Media & E-Safety, Identity Crisis Integrating to British Society and Emotional health & wellbeing (Self Esteem). Throughout all workshops examples are given from the Holy Quran, Ahadiths, the books of the Promised Messiah (as) and guidance from beloved Huzoor (aba).

Emotional Health & Wellbeing (Self Esteem)

The purpose of this workshop is to support parents to invest time in their children with particular focus on quality time. Understanding the importance of creating time and space to allow children to discuss their emotions and assisting them to work through how to identify solutions. 

Social Media & E-Safety

This workshop focuses on protecting children and young people against the ills of society some of which include grooming, cyber bullying and platforms .