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Applications to universities are open just as before, though there are some specific changes to be kept in mind.

Welcome Message by Sadr Lajna UK Feature Image

Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatahu, Alhamdolillah we are launching Lajna UK’s new website. We will showcase our charitable work that is only possible through all your hard work and commitment to serve humanity. Click to Read Full Message.

Sierra Leone Maternity Hospital

To show gratitude to Allah the Almighty for His blessings upon us at the auspicious occasion of Lajna Ima’illah centenary in 2022, Lajna UK has pledged to build a maternity hospital to help our sisters in Sierra Leone.

Health Webinar 2

In this week’s Health Webinar, Nutritionist Miss Salma S. Khan discusses nutritional strategies to help support immune health, stress and anxiety.

Domestic Issues and Their Solution

Syedna Ameer ul Momineen Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper) has given extensive sagacious guidance and has made many pronouncements concerning everyday marital issues and their solutions in light of teachings of Islam in his Friday sermons as well as at Jalsa Salana of various countries, Ijtema of Lajna Ima’illah and other occasions. These are a beacon of light for successful married life.

Health Webinar 1 Covid-19

In this week’s webinar, Dr Sadiya Ayaz, a GP in London covers how COVID-19 is impacting our health and what we need to be doing to address this.