Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) from an Islamic Perspective

Parents are requesting support to understand how best to address the topic of relationships & sex education from a religious perspective. This workshop aims to integrate components of the national curriculum with religious values to ensure children have a full understanding in the context of religion. Through this workshop, support will be provided to mothers to contribute to what is being taught by engaging positively with the school, understanding what is being taught and ensuring a full discussion with teachers to work through boundaries in the context of belief.

Online Sewing Course

The UK Lajna sewing program enable learners to make their own tailor made pattern known as a Basic body block. The same basic body block can be used to make various garments such as a kameez, a long top, dress or maxi.

Lesson 1 – How to take accurate Body Measurements

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Lesson 2 – Calculating body measurements required for a basic body block pattern

Measurement Recording Sheet


Lesson 3 – Drafting a basic Body Block & Sleeve Pattern

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Lesson 4

  1. Choosing your material (dimensions/ borders etc.)
  2. Transferring pattern to material
  3. Cutting out your material

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Lesson 5

  1. Constructing your garment
  2. Necklines & interfacing

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Salat Ashra

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