Prayer Times

calendar-iconFriday, 20th FEBRUARY 2017


“Verily Prayer is enjoined on the believers to be performed at prescribed times.”

Salaat Time
Fajr 06:00
Zuhr 13:00
Asr 15:45
Maghrib 17:45
Ishaa 20:30

Upcoming Events

Lajna Ima’illah UK

Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Lajna Ima’illah, an auxiliary organisation of Ahmadiyya Muslim community provides women a structure to train, develop, and enhance their religious and academic knowledge, acquire health and fitness skills, manage trade and industry affairs and develop their financial abilities. The aim of Lajna Ima’illah (literally translated as maids of Allah) is to raise awareness amongst women of their important status and their great responsibilities in the religious organisation, while focussing on their duties towards mankind as well as their contributions to the society in which they live and raise the future generation.