University Applications

Applications to universities are open just as before, though there are some specific changes to be kept in mind.

University Choices – A Level Students

Do you want to study full- time/part-time or do you want to do an intern? What are your interests with respect to learning or what would you like to achieve in life?

University – Next Steps

After University, life can seem very daunting. Up to now, there has been a clear path in your education and career.

What A-levels should you take?

Choosing a handful of subjects to take at A-level isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Taking certain A-level subjects will open up more university course options

Choosing Your GCSE Options

Which GCSEs should I take? How many GCSEs should I take? Which GCSE options are compulsory?

How AMWSA can help?

Ahmadi Muslim Women Students’ Association (AMWSA) can support you in finding a university course.