Jalsa Salana 2018

The Lajna Press and Media team are active every Jalsa Salana. From inviting journalists to giving interviews, our Jalsa work is key to what we do and Jalsa Salana 2018 was a highlight year for us. 
Ayesha Malik, Tooba Khokhar and Sarah Khan gave interviews to BBC, ITV and other media. The BBC produced a short video on Jalsa from a woman’s perspective that handled issues like segregation positively and showcased Ahmadi Muslim women’s voices.
 Danila Jonnud and Shakeeba Khan of Nasirat were interviewed for the BBC News website. 
Saadiyya Khan, Basma Chaudhry, and Iffat Mirza hosted and spoke to guest journalists and bloggers.
Our team also facilitated interviews with a range of Lajna members.
Post-Jalsa, Basira Ajmal provided information for two articles in the Portsmouth Daily Echo.
Lastly, we were active on Twitter and Instagram on all three days posting pictures, videos, and stories to give a glimpse of the blessings of Jalsa to the outside world.