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This section contains information on events such as Ijtema, Jalsa and Meena Bazaar.

  • Ijtema Report

National Meena Bazaar


       There will be a National Meena Bazaar held this year Inshallah. Further instructions will come closer to the time.  


South regions hold their meena bazaar together as part of the   national meena bazaar


Other regions should hold a meena bazaar in their own regions and send all money to markaz/centre.


If regions need their money for some purpose you will need to ask Sadr Sahiba after submitting the money to the centre.


Regions may hold as many bazaars as they wish.  We ask for the money from only one meena bazaar.


Money from extra meena bazaars may be kept by the region.  We ask that you only inform us of the amount.


Local and regional Meena Bazaars

Localities and regions should hold their own Meena Bazaars


  • Reports for all funds raised should be sent to the centre detailing the amount raised by producing an income and expenditure sheet. Please mark clearly as for Trade and Industry Department.
  • All other money must be forwarded to the centre identified for Trade and Industry Department
  • At the end of the year, the region that has raised the most will be awarded
  • You may hold as many meena bazaars as you wish throughout the year, but each time the detailed report must be sent to the Trade and Industry Department at the centre.

Other Activities

Jalsa Salana UK

The exhibition held on this occasion welcomes all items made by Lajna and Nasirat.

As you are aware Jalsa Salana is a busy time for the department.  We are always in need of helpers, and ask particularly that Trade and Industry secretaries make themselves available to us for duties.  Private stall holders can contact us nearer the time should they wish to hold their own stalls.

The Trade and Industry department and Khidmat-e-Khalq departments are separate.  Trade and Industry raise money byLajna for Lajna 

Ijtema UK

Items for this exhibition should be made by Lajna and Nasirat according to the syllabus.  Items are judged and prizes are given out on the occasion by Sadr Sahiba.

Cook Book


The department hopes to publish a cook book to mark the occasion of 100 years of Ahmadiyyat in the UK.  We request that you contact those who can cook well in your Majalis to add to the collection.  We ask that you make sure

  • Recipes have full details of measurements and pictures
  • Recipes original recipes from our members, not from published cook books/internet.
  • Recipes have the name and majalis of the member
  • Recipes are sent in by email

Local Fundraising Branches can raise funds through bazaars and stalls. Please divide the proceeds as follows: 25% of profit should be sent to Lajna Imaillah Central team as branches Trade and Industry income, which can be used by the central team for schemes on behalf of Lajna UK. Read more…

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