Umoore Talibaat

Lajna Umoore Talibaat (Student Affairs) was established in March 2018 by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba). The purpose of the department within the auxiliary organisation of Lajna Ima’illah is to promote communication with students and to promote academic excellence as well as provide support in all areas of student life. It will endeavour to ensure that members of Lajna Ima’illah UK who are students actively participate in all Lajna and Jama’at activities and programmes. The department also supports the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Student Association.

The Department aims to play a key role in the development and success of all students in the UK from writing applications, personal statements, interviews and research to providing career advice, contact with alumni students who have completed their degree or are working in a particular field.

If you are a student and have any questions or queries please contact your local Umoore Talibaat Secretary or the Lajna Secretary Umoore Talibaat UK on

Secretary Umoore Talibaat

What A-levels should you take?

What A-levels should you take?

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How AMWSA can help?

How AMWSA can help?

Ahmadi Muslim Women Students’ Association (AMWSA) can support you in finding a university course.


116. Secretary Umoore Talibaat should be one who is involved in the field of teaching or learning. 

117. Secretary Umoore Talibaat shall make arrangements for the education of female students who are illiterate.

118. Secretary Umoore Talibaat shall strive to bring back into education those female students who leave education after secondary school.

119. Sho’ba Umoore Talibaat shall endeavour to provide guidance to female students in every country from school level to higher education level and shall strive to resolve their general issues.

120. All matters relating to female students shall be resolved under the supervision of Secretary Umoore Talibaat.

121. Sho’ba Umoore Talibaat shall be influential in organising seminars in educational institutions on topics relating to Tabligh and social issues and shall provide guidance to female students in their efforts to advance the cause of service to mankind.

122. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Student Association shall work under Secretary Umoore Talibaat. 

123. Election of Office Bearers of AMWSA shall take place every year at the time of Annual Ijtema and approval of elected members shall be obtained from Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih.

124. All Office Bearers of AMWSA shall be from among the female students.

125. Secretary Umoore Talibaat shall keep a complete record of all the female students under Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Student Association.

Note: Sho’ba Umoore Talibaat shall also be established at Majlis level.