Riding Club

horselogoWelcome to Khailun-Lir-Rahman Riding School UK

Horses have always played an important role in society since time began and have therefore been admired by all – every continent, country and tribe came to realise the horse’s significance. Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (a.t.b.a) also shares this passion for horses and instructed for a riding school to be made in Islamabad, Tilford. Subsequently, Khailun-Lir-Rahman (i.e. horses in the service of Allah) riding school was inaugurated by His Holiness on the 17th July 2011.

Today, this school aims to educate enthusiastic students in horse care and English riding. It is open to people of all ages- Nasirat, Lajna, Atfal, Khuddam and Ansar. We hope that this page allows you to discover the true art of horse riding in depth and encourages you to have a go at this exhilarating and rewarding sport!