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God Al-mighty has said in the Holy Quran that in the latter days canals would flow, books and newspapers would be published in large numbers and camels would fall into disuse. We find that all these prophesies have come to be fulfilled in our time. Camels, for instance, have been replaced by railway as a means of commer- cial transport. We can, therefore, conclude that the Day of Resurrection is close at hand. “(Lecture Sialkot  p.12)

“May Allah have mercy on the Muslims of this age, for most of their religious beliefs have crossed all the limits of equity and justice. They read in the Holy Quran that Jesusas has died, but they still believe him to be alive; they read in Surah Al-Nur in the Holy Quran that all the coming Khulafa’ would be from this umma, yet they are waiting for Jesusas to descend from heaven”

[Lecture Sialkot p.21]

“I pray before God Almighty that He may cause this lecture to be a means of guidance for many. Just as you have physi-cally come together in this place, may God in the same way invest your hearts with mutual attachment and love, and may He cause the winds of guidance to blow on all sides. Eyes cannot see anything without heav-enly light. May God send down spiritual light from the heaven so that the eyes may see. May He create an air out of the unseen so that the ears may hear. None can come to us but he whom God draws towards us.In-deed, He is drawing many and shall continue to do so and shall break many a barrier.”

[Lecture Sialkot p.65]

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